Subsphere Review of Era / Twisted (DFA006)

"Simple, all-engulfing, massive."


Then there’s a recent Alex Seva single (which follows his tremendous Translation EPthat I somehow failed to cover) on Deep Field Audio and with it the first-class space bulldozer driving lesson Era and the sticky stop-and-go stomper by the name of Twisted. It is primarily Era though that will have you shed tears of joy in rapt convulsions once the deep and massive wave of bass starts sweeping the floor like a low-end caterpillar: simple, all-engulfing, massive. The flip Twisted is an at times a little irresolute interplay of accentuated drums and nagging basses that march together like an army of existentialists, always pondering their next step in mid-air. The vibe however remains deep and mysteriousand the groove is definitely there, so if you’re feeling thin on the abysmal side of your acosutic well-being, go check it out!

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